St. George Nileias

St. Georgios Nileias is a village located on the mountain east of Volos, with an altitude of 620m and distance of 21km from the capital of Magnisia’s municipality. It’s only five minutes away from Pinakates, another five from Vizitsa and Milies. Before we reach the village, the scenery is full of water streams with old planes (platanus trees), small rivers, magnificent forests mainly with beeches, apple and chestnut trees,  preparing the visitor of the beauty and the uniqueness of the flora of the area. The village is ‘hanging’ on a green slide of Pelion with exceptional view of Pagasitikos gulf and the nearby villages. St. George is built amphitheatrically on the mountain and the only think you can see while approaching is the road, dividing the village in two parts, both full of planes, olive trees as well as local vegetation.

St. George has maintained the local architecture. Generally it’s a mixture of old and renovated houses and villas. On one hand traditional two store houses made of rock, with many windows and rocky roofs, on the other hand newer buildings with big balconies, stairs made of marble, hand painted ceilings and stained glass on the windows and doors. A few examples are the mansions of Ioannidi’s, Dereli’s and Tzortzi’s family. In addition to that, interesting buildings, from an architectural point of view, are the churches of St. Athanasios (1895) built by Dimos Zoupaniotis and St. George (1309) where the church museum is located. The monastery of Taxiarches is 3km away from the village and inside a museum is operating, with an exhibition of religious relics, local folklore painting dated from 16th century and a holly grail dated at 1490. St. George church, according to tradition, was built at the 15th century from 2 sheepherders that found a painting presenting St. George in a bush. The whole village was built around that church, that is made completely out of stone.

The village is the starting point of 4 walking routes, fully signed. Your first choice is the path from St. George to Ano Lechonia, a small uphill walking route approximately 7km long, talking 3 hours to walk, with an exceptional view to Pagasitikos gulf. The second path, just like the previous, takes the visitor from St. George to Kato Gantzea. You can also choose one of the routes leading to Agrioleukes (12km -4h) or Tsagkarada(14km – 4h). Both of them taking you through chestnut forests with streams, while the path is mainly made of stone. You can also do some horse back riding on nearby ranches, take a walk inside the village or do some mountain biking as well as off road routes with 4×4 jeeps.