The mythical mountain that harmoniously touches the human substance. It uniquely combines great force and sensitivity. On the one side you can see the coasts of Aegean, sometimes stormy, rough, rocky and dangerous while other times peaceful and fascinating.   On the other side, Pagasitikos gulf looks like a big tender embrace with a lot of smaller and secure embraces where the curved slopes with the countless olive trees literally end up into in the sea.

The beauty does not terrify you, does not destroy you neither does it test your limits. It makes you feel euphoria for the beauty and the magnificence of nature… Gratitude that you were blessed to touch with your senses this gracious place. It is revealed to you piece by piece, with sweetness, it embraces you with politeness and familiarity and finally conquers you offering the great sense of your union with the magnificent universe. Each look gives other dimensions in the visible and through the visible it infiltrates and decodes the aspects of invisible. It is a memorable game of the senses and the soul.

Pelion of Centaurs! Pelion of God!  Pilion of people! Pelion of forests and herbs!  Pelion of Goddess Nature! Pelion of fairies!  Pelion of frilly coasts! Pelion of the noble villages! Pelion of light! Pelion of colours! Pelion of enchantment! Pelion of four seasons! Pelion of the modern and classic! Pelion of centuries!