How to reach the Villa:

Magnisia is located in the center of Greece close to Athens and Thessaloniki, making traveling towards Pelion a short and comfortable trip no matter the way of transport a visitor will choose.
Airports of Nea Agchialos and Skiathos connect Magnisia with the rest of the world, while Volos port connects Europe and the Balkans with Asia and North Africa.

  • From Athens to Volos by KTEL bus in 4 hours (324km) (KTEL phone number: +30 210 8317186 (Athens), +30 24210 33254 (Volos)
  • From Thessaloniki to Volos by KTEL bus in 2 hours and 30 minutes (216km)
  • From Athens to Volos by Intercity train in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Phone number  +30 24210 25013 / 24210 24056 ( Volos), +30 2105270762 / 2105243408 ( Athens)
  • From Thessaloniki to Volos by train in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Phone number +30 2310 599421
  • From Athens to Skiathos by airplane in 35 minutes and from Skiathos to Volos by flying dolphin in 1 hour and 30 minutes or by ferry boat in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Charter flights are also available directly to Nea Agchialos and Skiathos airport. Athens and Thessaloniki airport have connection flights to most capitals and major cities abroad.

From Volos to St. Georgios you can use the local KTEL buses.


From Volos by car:

St. Georgios is 22km away from Volos. Going south we first arrive at Agria. After Agria we arrive at Kato Lechonia followed by Ano Lechonia. On the city center of Ano Lechonia we can see a traffic light that’s flashing orange. We take a left turn towards the villages St. Vlasios, St. Georgios, Pinakates, Vuzitsa, Milies (there is a road sign). From that intersection our Villa is 7.5km away. Right after St. Vlasios village (there is a road sign indicating the end of the village) the villa is located at 150m on the left. The entrance is a distinct red iron door. You have arrived!


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