Pelio offers a variety of activities for the visitors.

Gathering amazing herbs of Mount Pelion, finding wild fruits to make jams, cutting your own tomatoes and peppers from our garden for your salad and enjoying the gifts of Mother Nature. Apart from that, you can also explore the woods, go climbing, horseback riding, discover the gorgeous seaside, try scuba diving, water skiing, and more.

Ski/Winter sports

Agrioleukes resort is an attraction for thousands of visitors every year, that come from all over Greece to enjoy the facilities and the services provided. Apart from skiing visitors can participate on various winter sports including snow boarding, mountain artillery ski etc. The resort is following all the international guidelines and it’s located at Chania region on 1.500 m altitude.

Scuba diving / swimming/ water sports

Pelio is famous for its clean beaches and the crystal clear waters. Those beaches create ideal conditions for scuba diving and underwater exploring. Also, visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches or participate in various water sports such as wind surfing, sailing, jet ski etc.

Horse back riding / Mountain Walking

For those who enjoy alternative tourism, Pelio is an ideal destination. Countless stone paths, traditional roads and beautiful scenery, offer visitors a unique walking experience. Pelion is a mountain easy to access and the natural paths can create a nice hiking or horse back riding experience. During your walk you can drink from the countless springs and faucets as well as enjoy the scenery and local vegetation including a lot of rare flowers.